About Josh

Youth Ministry Grows from 100 > 600 Teens a week

Straight out of Ball State, I joined my local church as an Media Intern helping with as Scriptwriter, Producer, and Drama coordinator to help grow my local Youth Group from 100 to 600 teens a week. I dove into full-time ministry as Creative Director, juggling technology, the arts, and storytelling as we engaged large-scale crowds of 500-800.

Delivering 100+ Websites and 199 Apps

Moving into sales and project management, I discovered a love for teambuilding in the business world. The last 10 years have been coordinating marketers, engineers and creatives - working hands-on in client services, operations and project management. This fueled my passion for helping teams build routines, find focus and deliver their best work.

A passion for getting Teams unstuck

My greatest skill is helping teams get unstuck and innovating their approach. I work best when coordinating the efforts of multiple teams, building routines, breaking growth barriers and fueling creativity.

When not using technology to tell a good story, I loves making connections and drinking all the coffee you have. My drink of choice is an espresso.