Josh is one of the most creative thinkers I have ever met. He has the ability to look at a complex situation and create a logical solution that many would have never even seen as an option.
— Adam Weber // Emplify Co-Founder & VP Sales

Growing your service firm doesn't have to be a constant struggle.

Running an agency leaves little time to optimize your processes and create breakthrough growth for your team.

Agency owners can get bogged down running the day-to-day in their business. You feel stuck without a clear plan to grow -- especially when you run a professional firm that estimates project by the hour.

Delivering custom proposals require long sales cycles and time consuming estimates. Then scope creep sneaks up and eats into your profit. 

Many agencies are growing too slowly. Revenue is unreliable and cash flow is inconsistent. Even established firms are shrinking or cutting staff just to make ends meet.

Without a steady flow of profitable clients, your business feels stuck.

I know how difficult it is to charge what you're worth and deliver profitable services.

For the over 10 years, I worked in sales and agency operations in Indianapolis. I've been in the trenches and seen the challenges of running and managing an agency. 

After years of hitting dead ends and chasing silver bullets, I knew there had to be a better way...

Like most agencies, I wasted too much time and money trying to hire the right project manager to fix the problem. 

But that didn't work. And it won't get you to the next level either.

I found a different path to building a service business... a path that works by focusing on the value you deliver, not how many hours you work.

Now I partner with expert firms to help them rebuild their agency from the ground up.

Imagine if you could upgrade your business on a foundation that helps you:

  • Charge more for your services.
  • Create high-dollar proposals, faster.
  • Find a message that cuts through the noise. 
  • Discover how to package your services into tangible, repeatable, mouth-watering offers that are easier to sell (and easier to deliver). 

I can help you take the right next steps to finally unlock growth for your agency.

Let's build a custom plan to unlock higher fees and predictable revenue for your services.


Josh Brammer

 "My passion is creating simple processes that get you better results and help grow your business, faster." -  Josh Brammer

"My passion is creating simple processes that get you better results and help grow your business, faster."
Josh Brammer

Build a solid foundation for your agency, so you can grow with confidence.


I work with agency owners to ditch hourly billing and create predictable revenue.

I use a proven framework that helps create a clear strategy to grow your business. 

  • Speed up your sales process
  • Raise your fees and move to value-pricing
  • Create simple processes to streamline your business
  • Unlock predictable revenue & faster growth

Together, we can create premium services that make it easier to close more high-ticket sales. 


The process

1. Create a Roadmap

Chart the course. Put an end to the confusion that's blocking your growth.

2. Get Focused

Revamp your service packages. Start delivering more value, faster.

3. Unlock Predictable Revenue

Close more deals, grow your revenue and deliver high-profit services every month.