Adjust Your Dock Count for Inbox Zero

Inbox Zero mac users have a new weapon in their toolbox. Enter Mail Badger a add-on that allows more flexible control of your Mac Dock “Unread Count”.  I came across this little mac-hack to promote getting your inbox down to zero. fanatics have probably realized you can turn off the dock count altogether in the preference panel. The problem is that by default you are limited to showing only  "None" or “Unread” options.

I’ve had the count turned off for a year now to help thwart attempts to “check mail” and get the blazing red dock count to go away (instead of processing to zero).

I’ve now setup Mail Badger to show “All Mail in Inbox” regardless of if the messages are marked read or unread.

After the last 2 days of client kickoff meetings, my current dock count is a blazing 62. Time to process!