I help business owners create high-profit, value-priced services that knock it out of the park for your clients (plus, make you more money). 



Close sales 30 days faster

Cut weeks off your sales process & save valuable time by focusing on only your most profitable prospects.

Unlock innovation

Develop deep expertise, empathy and understanding of your clients' long-term needs as you discover ongoing innovations to solve in new ways over time.

deliver more value

Keep your delivery on track and flowing smoothly with systems built specifically to deliver services that clients love.


create referrals

Stop delivering 'projects' and build long-term relationships that lead to more referrals as a trusted specialist.


improve Creativity

Stop reinventing the wheel by building a creative process to solve problems in less time. Reduce costly rework and have more time for deep, strategic thinking.


build quick wins

Reposition your services to build rapport and deliver real results, faster.



Create a strategy to unlock predictable revenue for your business.


Available Services

  • Customer Research: Finding and exploring your target market.

  • Messaging & Positioning: How to best explain and market your solutions.

  • Service Design: Creating profitable, repeatable solutions that are easier to sell.

  • Customer Experience: Create a map for how first-time clients turn into long-term advocates and referrals.

  • Lead Generation: Find and attract your ideal, most profitable clients.

  • Project Planning: Deliver on your promises and stay profitable at each step of the process.

Recent Results


Here are just a few results from recent projects:

  • Helped a Business Development Director close deals 2x faster by using the Chinese Menu approach to closing deals. 

  • Overhauled an introductory service into an 8-week process that sells for $15,000+ 

  • Created a $10,000 / month program that lead to 2x more revenue than previous projects.

  • Helped a marketing team move to value-pricing, increasing hourly rates by 50%

  • Saved 1000+ hours / year by reducing bottlenecks & automating busywork for a marketing team of 5 people. 

  • Streamlined a sales process and eliminate custom proposals. Saved the sales team 500+ hours of proposal writing.