We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
— Albert Einstein

My passion is helping teams get clear about their goals, so they can manage growth and stay ahead. 

Teams need solid communication and a compelling vision to stay ahead and manage change effectively.

From digital agencies to start-ups, I've been helping organizations manage change for 15+ years. Skilled at developing and initiating new approaches, I help drive business growth and new ventures. My background spans managing project teams of engineers, strategists, designers, marketers and volunteers.

For many teams, it's tough to have a clear picture of how to use technology to achieve your goals. Leaders don't have it any easier - managing constantly changing priorities and endless to-do lists, let along delegating to their team. Some teams are just too busy managing the day-to-day to keep up with communication and keep tabs on their business goals. 

By helping teams get crystal clear about their goals, I help set up simple technology and communication that works. Over the past 15 years I've helped dozens of teams get their footing and eliminate barriers to growth.

Isn't it time you help your team crush their goals and doubled your growth?

Risk taker. Change maker. I'm keen on technology, psychology and the science of human behavior. 

Risk taker. Change maker. I'm keen on technology, psychology and the science of human behavior. 


From 100 > 600 Teens

Grew a youth program in Muncie, Indiana by 600% in weekly attendance, through technology and multimedia.

25% Rate Increase

SpinWeb, an Indianapolis marketing agency was able to to increase their hourly rate through value pricing and new service offerings.

199+ Apps Delivered

Helped Bluebridge build the Customer Experience teams that delivered over 200 apps, resulting in the $8 Million sale of tourism and church divisions.


Equip your team the tools, process,
and vision needed to power their day-to-day.